Case Evaluation

Case Evaluation

We will interview you and ask to look at certain documents related to your brokerage account to make an initial determination as to the likelihood of success of your case. If this initial evaluation suggests that your account was mishandled then we may suggest a more detailed financial analysis to ascertain damages and to determine theories of liability.

While most people have heard the term “churning”, which means buying and selling securities in an account with no valid purpose other than to generate commissions, there are many other less well know abuses associated with stock brokerage accounts, such as:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Unauthorized transactions
  • Execution failures
  • Excessive mark-ups or markdowns
  • Theft
  • Selling away (occurs when broker solicits
  • securities/investments which are not authorized or approved by the firm he works for)
  • Sales by unregistered brokers
  • Sales of unregistered securities
  • Improper margin liquidations
  • Boiler room sales practices
  • Falsified account statements
  • Forgeries
  • Unsuitable investments
  • Life Insurance Abuses (Variable Universal Life)
  • Alternative investments (REITs, private placements, limited partnerships)

If your account has large unexplained losses or if it is a large account that shows little or no growth over the years, you may be wise to have it analyzed for abuse. Likewise if your account appears to have been traded excessively, you should consult a knowledgeable professional.

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